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NEW - 4-6-17: The link below is the Channel 12 News report of our St. Joseph's Table. Please spread the good word about Bacio.
View the video here.
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Every Monday Morning

Dr. Mautner's radioshow
Tune into WNHU 88.7FM
Listeners can either tune in or stream in live -
(Show is every Monday morning.)

"The Art Of Living Well" Radioshow. (Hosted by Dr. Mautner - her show goes over the negative press and stereotyping of Italians by the media.)


Every Sunday Morning
Approx. 10:30AM

Len will be featured on WICC, 600AM, for the Italian House Party show!

Each Sunday morning, Len will speak of Italian events and culture for the week.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday - June 9, 10 & 11
Friday - 6-11PM
Saturday - 2-11PM
Sunday - Noon-10PM

St. Margaret's Shrine
Park Ave. Bridgeport, CT

The annual feast of St. Anthony is being held at St. Margaret's Shrine this year. BACIO's special interest is in the Presepio which we sponsored financially as well as in promoting its creation.

What we need is volunteers to "staff" the Presepio during the hours that the Feast is going on. Our Volunteer just has to be present in the Presepio. Donations that are made in the basket in the Presepio would have to be watched and gathered after the final shift of the day and turned over to someone who will be made known to you. That is about your entire responsibility.

Those of you who are willing to help, do let Len know what day and what hour or hours you will cover. He thanks you for your consideration.

39th Annual Literary Competition of the Trumbull Arts Festival
All entries MUST be postmarked NO later than May 26, 2017

Joanne Leone is one of our members and she has been spearheading a writing "competition" through the Trumbull Arts Festival. You may want to get involved directly or you may want to get a grandchild, nephew, niece, etc. involved. Do give it consideration. We like to help our own.

The 39th Annual Literary Competition of the Trumbull Arts Festival is open to grades 3 & up and ALL adults. Please send in your unpublished fiction, non-fiction or poetry on or before May 26, 2017.

All entries MUST be postmarked NO later than May 26, 2017. There are no residency requirements.

The winners of the literary competition will be notified by mail in August and will receive their awards at the Trumbull Literary Competition Awards Ceremony on Sunday, Sept. 10th at the Trumbull Public Library at 10:00am.

If you would like to request a copy of the literary competition application or if you have questions, please call Emily Areson in the Trumbull Arts Department at (203) 452-5065.

The literary application, which reflects the rules and guidelines of the competition, must be attached to your literary work. At some point soon, the literary application will be available on-line.

Individuals $40 and Families $60
Mail to:  Leonard S. Paoletta
 19 Old Sport Hill Road
     Easton,  CT 06612